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Product Name: GHALIYAH – ‘A’ Cut Loose Twill Kaftan


Introducing GHALIYAH, where modern style meets authentic tradition. This ‘A’ cut loose twill kaftan is distinguished by its fresh and versatile cut, enlightened by modern geomatic placement and a captivating ikat motif. GHALIYAH embodies an authentic look with a sleek, well-defined silhouette that brings a touch of glamour to your Ramadan sensations.


  • Composition: 100% Twill & Soft Organza on Sleeves
  • Neckline: Round Neckline
  • Sleeves: Straight Cut Sleeves with Pleat
  • Closure: 10” Zipper Closure
  • Adornments: Neckline adorned with Diamante and Heavy Handmade Beading
  • Color: Fuchsia Purple and Off White Base

GHALIYAH is more than a kaftan; it’s a celebration of modern elegance and timeless heritage. The fuchsia purple against the off white base creates a striking harmony, making it a perfect choice for your Ramadan wardrobe.

Limited stock available. Elevate your Ramadan style with GHALIYAH

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